Do Illuminati Really Exist? – a skeptic article

illuminati-art-300x214Lately, I have realized that prices continue to escalate in most areas for the customer except with that in the region of property. I keep wondering myself, why do prices still rise when the buyer is over burdened with expenses? The actual utilization of gasoline has went down. However, the cost of the barrel of oil rises daily. The reason with this is that oil has turned into a futures commodity that’s trading well within the open market. In short phrases, the rich are becoming richer. Whether is is actually by design or like a matter of recent events throughout the market, I truly have no idea. I do know this. It is creating a major impact in lower and middle class Americans.

What and who are the Illuminati? They are a group of family bloodlines which have been in existence for a long time. Family names such as Onassis, Russel, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Dupont, Astor, Krupp, Rothschild, and Van Duyn, have been pointed out as members of the bloodline. Even the Oriental Li family that operates all over the world with impunity continues to be mentioned. Many conspiracy enthusiasts assume that these families are behind many events which are presently controlling our governments and also our economy.

Historically the Illuminati started as being a secret society within the 18th century throughout Bavaria. The beginning movement was setup to establish no cost thinkers or individuals of enlightenment. At the moment, many individuals thought the Illuminati was built to over toss certain European government authorities. After one decade of existence, it was overthrown.

Conspiracy theorists think that the group lasted and migrated to the US as well. Some believe they infiltrated into groups such as the Freemasons, the skull and bones secret culture, and other groups that have an impact on the US such as Vatican. If this is valid, then there are definitely more famous names than those in the above list. Two members from the Bush family belonged to the skull and bones. Signing members on the Constitution belonged to the Freemasons. They had names like Washington, Franklin, and Adams, just to mention several of them.

The Illuminati are also mentioned in fictional and comic books and publications. This makes one wonder if the conspiracy theorists get it all wrong. They are mentioned by a wide variety of conspiracy theorists that one has to question how legitimate they may be.

Illuminati has often been linked to the “Over class/Upper Class. ” The ones who have and control the cash are the ones in control. This website provides numerous interesting points with regards to this type of conjecture. One of the points they make, that I believed was interesting was that of warfare. Conspiracy theorists think wars began to make money for that over-class/upper-class. They especially cite the Vietnam War and also the past two conflicts with Iraq. A special focus is made with regards to the battle for oil and businesses. One such company being that of Halliburton. Halliburton is mentioned due to it’s past romantic relationship with Vice President Dick Cheney.

Nobody can prove the over-class/upper-class controls anything. It is that the conspiracy theorists make a strong case for their beliefs. It is a well known fact that the French Revolution was a war involving the low and higher class. The lower class had just been pushed too much. They retaliated within a major way.

Some individuals believe that the time was right throughout the “Great Depression” for a similar thing to happen in the usa. However, we ended up going to war and ultimately the economy had been slowly restored to a kind of normalcy.

With the way the economy is presently, conspiracy theorists might have a field day with this particular concept currently. That the Illuminati are once more controlling our future. Do the Illuminati truly exist? I can’t say without a doubt. However, there are a few that believe so.

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